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The Toresco's

"Not sure where to begin with this one. Rachael was the "day-of coordinator" for my wedding. I put "day-of" in quotes because that was what she was introduced to us as, but did WAY more than that. She was pure magic. I'm a controlling psychopath with unreasonable demands (as my colleagues so kindly put it), and Rachael took every one of my requests and suggestions with grace and professionalism. If she is available for your event, I cannot recommend her enough. If she is not available, it is worth rescheduling to fit her availability."

Sara & drew

The Dang's

"Do yourself a favor and hire Rachael to coordinate your wedding! Rachael has amazed me every single time with her prompt replies to emails, texts, IG messages, etc! She literally will reply to you within minutes (not joking)! I booked her about a year in advance of my wedding, and I was in constant contact with her since day one! She is also extremely organized, detail oriented, professional, and so sweet! What also set Rachael apart from other wedding coordinators was that she will help DIY decor! It was really important for me to have someone do this for me, since I was having a destination wedding. Some things she did was spray paint gold pineapples for my centerpieces and put together my rose petal cones for the aisle toss. She also let me deliver wedding items to her house so I wouldn't have to pack it all in my suitcase! And c'mon, she will do floral arrangements for you! What can she not do?! Thank you Rachael for all you did for my wedding, you made the wedding planning process enjoyable for me!"

dom & jason


from vendors

rsdj productions

"RBCO Events is always a pleasure to work with. I worked with Rachael during several events and I couldn't be more impressed by her professionalism and her passion for what she does. As a DJ, it's crucial to work with an experienced coordinator and someone that knows what they're doing. Rachael is all of the above. She is easy to talk to, very thorough, very responsive, and is absolutely the best at what she does. We were in constant communication throughout the whole planning and preparation process for several weddings and they all ran so smoothly the day of. Unfortunately not all wedding coordinators are like Rachael. There are some that don't go the full mile for their clients. I can assure you Rachael does. She was the first one at the venue and one of the last to leave even after the bride and groom left. That's dedication... that's passion.... If you are looking for an experienced and dedicated coordinator that cares about what she does, then don't look any further. Rachael from RBCO Events is the right person for you. 1000% would recommend it to all my clients. Thanks Rachael for all you do!!!!"

ingrid from brick venue

"Can I always work with Rachael? She's seriously the best! I work at a venue and from the beginning Rachael was kind, communicative, and thorough. She was the perfect liaison between me and her couple, ensuring all bases were covered on both ends. On the day of - no matter how busy or hectic it got - she had a smile on her face with an upbeat attitude. The wedding industry is very emotionally charged and Rachael has the right attitude for this line of work. I would definitely recommend her again!"

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